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Your holiday home on La Palma

Congratulations! You are planning your holiday on the Isla bonita, the most beautiful Canary Island.
Sun, blue sky, sparkling sea, breathtaking scenery & lively hospitality - this and much more is La Palma.

We are a small team of tourism professionals who are enthusiastic about the beauty of the island, the delicious food and the good climate. With our holiday home agency "dein-ferienhaus-lapalma.de" we have combined profession and passion in the best way.
Our happiness is perfect when your holiday becomes the most beautiful time of the year for you and also when you want to come back.

Profit from our many years of experience and our feeling for your wishes!

We arrange a diverse selection of holiday accommodation for different demands and budgets in the most beautiful places on the island. We know all our properties and landlords personally.

True to our motto: "Vacation begins the moment you plan your vacation"is our promise to you:
Best advice, perfect holiday! Pleasantly uncomplicated, perfectly fitting & binding! We put our knowledge and enthusiasm into every one of our consultations so that you feel safe and can make the right choice.

Please call us: 0049 - 40 - 22 85 20 95 or write us a E-mail - including the weekends, we are always there for you!

La Palma - the authentic island for individual holidays

Why La Palma?

  • All year round mild climate and warm water
  • Great landscapes from volcano to rainforest
  • Individual accommodations instead of hotel castles
  • Peace and nature instead of mass tourism
  • Relaxed lifestyle and friendly people

The so called "Isla Bonita" - the beautiful island - is located far from the African coast and is washed by the trade winds, which gives it a mild climate with spring character all year round. On the greenest island of the Canary Islands, hiking enthusiasts will get their money's worth, as will sports enthusiasts and those seeking relaxation, who want to enjoy the sunset with a glass of island wine in a small bar on the beach.

The island is extremely varied: at noon, one can stand on the 2.426 metres high volcanic peak and in the evening take a bath in the sea. And should the clowds accumulate on one side of the island, the sun usually shines on the other side.

The whole island is a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Instead of mass tourism you will find quiet, individual holidays in holiday houses, apartments or dignified hotels. Inform yourself in the menu items "La Palma“, „Activities" and "Sustainability" about the fascinating holiday world of our favourite island. You will understand why most guests come back again and again.

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There are many reasons
with a smile

A successful holiday is one of them

Frequently asked questions

What is the best time to travel?

La Palma is attractive all year round. In summer it is cooler than on the Mediterranean and in winter it is beautifully green and there is usually T-shirt weather. It is not for nothing that La Palma is called the "Island of Eternal Spring". You can find climate data for your travel planning on Travel climate La Palma.

How warm is the sea?

The Atlantic Ocean off La Palma has mostly pleasant 23 ° C in summer. The temperature hardly falls below 20° C even in winter. Relax in the volcanic sand at one of our Beaches.

What can be done?

La Palma offers the right thing for every holidaymaker: beaches with warm water, lots of nature and hiking trails, numerous cultural events and fiestas. Only mass tourism you will not find. Take a look at our page about leisure activities.

Do I need a rental car?

Of course, that depends on your holiday planning. But usually our guests book a rental car, which by the way are very cheap on La Palma. You can find offers here.

Where is the best location?

That depends entirely on your wishes and the respective weather. The perfect location is everywhere on La Palma at the right time. If it rains in the west, the sun shines mostly in the east and vice versa. Generally, low locations are somewhat warmer in winter. However, higher locations usually have a heater for the few fresher winter days. Feel free to take our Advice in demand!

Useful travel information

You can find a good current weather forecast at the national weather service AEMET.

Cheap flights are usually available directly from the Airlines.

Information about the 1,000 kilometres of hiking trails on La Palma can be found here: Red de Senderos

Impressions, suggestions and sights you will find here and here.

You can find contact to german speaking Palmeros among others in this Facebook group.